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Our mission is to help our clients make distinctive and lasting improvements in their performance and to build a firm and sustainable fulfilling relationships with your consumers, consumers, and other important stakeholders.

We bring strategy, communication and tech implementation, our experts enable transformation from upstream to downstream all at once.


We believe helping more companies become strategic and grow
sustainably leads to diversity in our environment.

We aim for success through both business and organizational growth
We accompany you for success comprehensively with professional members in all field from upstream to downstream. Through projects, we support employee growth and organisation growth. Our team, spanning across all fields from upstream to downstream, provides comprehensive support to ensure your success. By working on projects together, we foster the growth and development of both your employees and your organization as a whole.
We drive change
We evaluate the market, develop a deep understanding of consumer perception, and help you implement the necessary changes that will drive sustainable growth for your business.
We embody your brand purpose through business execution
To deliver an excellent and consistent user experience, we help you develop and execute marketing strategies that embody your brand's purpose.
We believe in the power of Data and Technology
A deep understanding of consumers, customers, and the market is essential for achieving sustainable success. We develop robust strategic plans that position your business to decisively win in the market.


  • Business Domain
    support area
  • Business Process

    We support the implementation of the most successful initiatives and actions by a group of experts, based on the proven MJ method.

    Corresponding process


  • Supporting Japanese Market Entry and M&A Due Diligence Marketing Support
    Japanese Market Entry and M&A Due Diligence

    We help you to understand the comprehensive situation of Japanese market of your product/service category, and support creating distinctive short-mid-long term marketing strategy, channel strategy, promotion, and execute activities, setting up  CRM system, media exposures, PR and technology design for your business success in Japan comprehensively. We can help negotiating with retailers and other relevant business partners.

  • Supporting IT infrastructure Redesign-powered Business Innovation and MarTech Operations
    Supporting IT infrastructure Redesign-powered Business Innovation and MarTech Operations

    We not only focus on new system implementations, renovations, and digitalization, but we’re also about driving business growth and operational efficiency. From data centralization to customer visibility, CRM initiatives, channel optimization, and new service development, we've got you covered.

  • Supporting CRM Initiatives
    Marketing / Digital Transformation, CRM Initiatives, Digital Marketing, Precision Marketing

    We support realizing powerful marketing transformation to substantially improve marketing results, and set up an “eco-system” to drive through sustainable consumer engagement that drives sales growth and offers a personalized experience. We also support you in refining your organization and OJT for internal transformation.

  • Supporting eCommerce Launch and Operations
    E-commerce Launch and Operations

    We can assist you in formulating E-commerce strategies, designing platforms, system development and operation management, as well as coming up with advertisement executions and more
    We'll assist you in formulating E-commerce strategies, designing platform, system development and operation management an advertisement executions and more.

  • Supporting Digital Marketing, Ad Management & Communications
    Supporting Digital Marketing,
    Ad Management & Communications

    No matter what your digital marketing or communication challenges are, we're ready to step in. We'll work with you to better understand your current situation and propose the most suitable overall future plan.

  • Supporting Market Research & Customer Surveys
    Market Research & Customer Surveys

    We offer research and reports that are truly helpful for business planning and suggestions for the direction to go to improve business in a sustainable way.

  • Promotion Support
    Promotion Support

    We create promotional planning from upstream to downstream all at once, campaign designing, event planning, viral movie , creative production, media planning, data acquisition and more. We tailor our services to meet your specific needs and challenges.

  • Lecturer & Training Implementation
    Lecturer & Training Implementation

    We offer lectures, corporate speeches, and training on a range of topics, including DX and marketing, tailored to your specific needs.


  • Company Profile

    Company Name: MJ Co.,Ltd.
    Representative: Junko Miyano
    Established: April 2021
    Address: Chuo Ward, Tokyo

  • Business Activities

    Business growth planning/DX and Digital marketing/Data-driven marketing and CRM/User Experience Design/Martech and IT system design consulting/Branding Research/ Marketing Communication and PR/E-Commerce Operation/Digital media operation/Organization design/Talent development/Lectures

  • Handling Service
    【Mobile App】
    【Digital Media】
    【CDP (Customer Data Platform)】
    Treasure Data/GoogleCloud (BigQuery/Cdata/Vertex AI) /Tealium/AWS/Snowflake
    【MA (Marketing Automation)】
    eloqua (Oracle)/Pardot (Salesforce) /Marketing Cloud (Salesforce) /Marketo/Acostic Campaign/Zoho/SATORI/etc.
    【BI (Business Intelligence)】
    Looker/Looker Studio/Tableau/etc.
    GA4 (GoogleAnalytics4)


宮野 淳子

After finishing off graduate degrees in Australia, Junko joined the Japanese launch team for L’Oréal Paris—the world's No.1 cosmetics brand. There, Junko successfully oversaw the team’s digital marketing initiatives and led transformations throughout its marketing promotions. Following a move to Amazon Japan, she managed the company’s social media marketing and fashion marketing, leading to remarkable business results before joining Johnson and Johnson Vision Care as its director of Omnichannel and Marketing Transformation. After launching a marketing transformation in Prediction Modeling, she became CDO of Godiva Japan. Now, as the founder of MJ Corporation, Junko supports a wide variety of companies throughout industries with their growth strategy building, marketing executions, CRM initiatives, eCommerce and DX launches, market research, IT architecture modifications, and talent development. She is also a guest lecturer for companies and organisations such as Japan’s leading publisher of marketing communications magazines and books, Sendenkaigi Co. Ltd.


  • 今田 智仁
    Researcher/ Analyst

    After gaining experience as a system engineer and digital marketer at CyberAgent, NTT, and other companies, he joined Nielsen, the world's largest research company. For about 10 years, he has been engaged in business strategy analysis, product strategy analysis, customer research, and social analysis. He also specializes in CRM design, digital marketing, and DX using customer data.

    We specialize in “actionable” research for corporate growth.
    Objective market understanding, understanding of the company's environment and competition, and understanding of customers are the most important steps before strategic planning. We provide a wide range of support from strategic planning to execution plan design, using both data and technology.

  • Project Manager / Digital Marketing Expert

    Manami has 13 years of experience in company-wide project management, digital marketing, and customer experience design at Amazon Japan. She has demonstrated cross-functional leadership as the driving force behind Prime Day, and new business launches and customer experience design. Specializes in E-commerce business design, strategy, promotion marketing, and CRM.

    With a focus on improving the customer experience and engagement, we provide a wide range of support from the formulation of precise communication strategies to the overall design of specific marketing measures and UI improvements, as well as business operation improvements.

  • Financial Advisor

    After working as an analyst at Mizuho Bank, R&I, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Credit Suisse, he became independent. He provides comprehensive support in finance such as corporate value analysis and evaluation, advice on fundraising, intellectual property. Graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Tokyo.

    We will support clients in improving their financial situation and also provide comprehensive assistance to companies entering the Japanese market, covering all aspects from top to bottom."


We will explain our service items and various case studies when we meet with you in person.
Please feel free to contact us for a consultation.


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